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AT-3 SOLUTIONS Advanced Tactical Instructors (ATI's) bring current and relevant expertise in:

-Advance Military Skills - CQB, SERE, AT-FP -Electronic Warfare -SIGINT Operations -Tactical Information Operations
-Advance Special Operations Tactics -Firearms and Foreign Weapons Training -Special Operations -Technical Counter Intelligence
-Combat Operations -Forward Basing & Infrastructure -Surveillance Detection -Technical Surveillance
-Cross Culture Communications -Low Visibility Infiltration Skills -Tactical Communications -Urban Operations
-DOCEX / Site Exploitation -Operational Assessments -Tactical Forensics

During the process of developing course material for the client, AT-3 Solutions instructors work with the client to develop class exercises that closely replicate the expected operational environment and tempo. These scenarios are executed throughout the class with increased complexity and frequency to prepare the student for field operations.

AT-3 Solutions ATI's have extensive military and intelligence community experience performing similar functions under the same conditions that the students will be expected to operate in. Those recent and relevant experiences acquired in the field by our instructors, are offered in the classroom and intertwined into the courseware to enhance the overall learning experience for the student.
AT-3 Solutions develops tailored Programs of Instruction (POIs) for each client. The POI process offers a structured methodology for preparing and presenting course material. AT-3 Solutions Advanced Technology Instructors incorporate classroom lecture, discussion, practical exercises, and field exercises to cognitively engage students throughout the learning process.

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